About Us


Jordan Johnson, Founder and Owner of GoProShot, Inc. was born with a basketball in his hands. He grew up in Waupaca, a small town in Central Wisconsin. Jordan has been playing, coaching and training basketball for as long as he can remember.

For the past 9 years, Jordan has spent numerous hours in the gym personal training and coaching basketball players. Through this the ProShot training bands were developed.

While working with youth players, he noticed the inefficiencies players had in getting a good, consistent release off their finger tips when shooting. Players would have a few good shots with perfect ball rotation and then suddenly have a sequence of bad shots with bad ball rotation.  He was constantly reminding them to spread their fingers and feel the ball come off their finger tips. Through much frustration, a lot of video, and constant reminding, he was out to fix their issues. He thought if he just had something that could always keep their fingers in the same position with the same spacing, players wouldn’t need to worry about their hands and players would benefit from getting the same, consistent release every shot – the ProShot was born.


Kyle Johnson, Regional Sales Director, with GoProShot Inc is a Minnesota native with a passion for basketball. From the day he was born, basketball has been his life. The game has given him opportunities to meet lifelong friends, travel abroad and fulfill a lifelong dream of playing professionally.

One lifelong relationship that he made during his sophomore year of college was the with Jordan Johnson. He met Jordan in 2004 as they were college teammates and from day one, a brotherhood was formed.  Their work ethic, passion for the game and basketball IQ was on the same level which pushed them to succeed on a daily basis. Kyle’s passion for basketball is unexplainable. When he decided to end his playing career, it wasn’t because of old age or a lost love for the game, but because Kyle felt a calling towards player development. Helping others succeed and reach their goals on the basketball court is one of the greatest feelings in the world. He has been training athletes for the last 4 years and absolutely loves it. When the ProShot was created, he remembers talking to Jordan and just being blown away by what an amazing invention it truly is. Kyle started using it with all of his athletes and has seen a dramatic improvement in shooting accuracy and ball control.

Passion, love for the game, work ethic and dedication to making basketball players better are common qualities shared between Jordan and Kyle. Jordan and Kyle are dedicated to making the ProShot a staple in player development and they won’t stop until the world is making more shots!



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